The Original Pop-Up Pylon®

What are people saying about these AMAZING collapsible traffic safety cone pylons

For practice, the Pop-Up Pylon® is great as an obstacle. Everyone thinks they're so cool and how they pop up from such a compact base when you unlock it. When it's time to store them away, they lock into the base with ease and can be stored just about anywhere!
melisa d
Soccer coach
Typically, six standard pvc traffic cones are used at any road emergency which take up a lot of space in the vehicles trunk. Not anymore, with the Pop-Up Pylon®, six can be store at the tire well inside the trunk. Awesome!
Brian p
police officer
I love the Pop-Up Pylon®, it's so easy to use and so great to have in each car for every family member in case the car or SUV breaks down on the road. They take up space that you would never think of, right under the car seat! They're AMAZING!
denise m
Mom & Nurse
The Pop-Up Pylon® is great for events, marathons, weddings, trade shows, you name it. With the interchangeable cone, I can order customized colours, patterns and include clients logos and brands for each special event and have them everywhere!
Laura P
Event planner
Regular traffic cones take up so much space in the back of the utility van that I could use for more technical equipment. Now it's possible with the Pop-Up Pylon®, I can store more traffic cones in less space and have more space for other equipment.
Michael C
utility worker
I really dig the Pop-Up Pylon®, it's so simple to use and store away. When I use them at a road side assistance stop people always ask "how can I get some?" so I started to carry several sets in the trucks side storage compartments for my customers.
Brian S
Tow Truck Operator