The Pop-Up Pylon® is the original collapsible safety cone that pops up ready to use when unlocked from its base.

The Pop-Up Pylon® has numerous uses including

- Passenger Vehicles

- Police, Fire and Ambulance services

- Towing, Trucking and Transportation companies

- Cable, Gas and Utility companies

- Sporting and Promotional events

- Highway and Road Construction crews

- Transit Bus/Coach fleets

- Building Construction crews

- Television and Film crews

- Surveying and Communication companies

- Landscaping and Grounds crews

- School Board and Security crews

The Pop-Up Pylon® is the original collapsible traffic safety cone that pops up into action!

The Pop-Up Pylon® has many benefits including

Quickly Deploys - popping up to 28 inches to delineate traffic at any scene

Compact - collapses within its 1.5 inch base saving storage space

Stackable - 14 inch square base can be stacked into position

Effective - fitted with a 6 inch light reflective band and utilizes the winds energy

Versatile - customizable to include logos, brands, patterns, textures and colours

Functional - interchangeable and replaceable cone and base

Recycling - components are recyclable

Accept no plastic imitations
The Pop-Up Pylon® is the original collapsible safety cone not made of plastic
that is currently only available here at its official website.