Collapsible, Compact and Very Effective

The Pop-Up Pylon® unlocks from within its 1.5 inch rubber base and pops up to 28 inches. When ready for storage simply  lock it back down within its rubber base and place practically anywhere for easy storage.

This is One Amazing Safety Device

The Pop-Up Pylon® is made from durable long lasting materials NOT PLASTIC.  It also comes in several vibrant colors and can be customized with your logo.

Don’t be fooled by other collapsible safety cones in the market. 

This is The Original Pop-Up Pylon®

Incredible space saver!

The Pop-Up Pylon® can be stored up to 16 times in the same space as one standard 28 inch safety cone.


The Pop-Up Pylon® can be customized to include your logo and brand.  It can also come in several vibrant colours, pattern types and textures.

Contact The Original Pop-Up Pylon® with your custom requirements for a free quote Today!

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